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The TS1 Tongue Sanitizer in Science

On the tip of your tongue!

The mouth is the entrance of the body and the cause for all suffering…

For this reason, the tongue can be likened to the red carpet of this entrance. A clean carpet is the basis for good oral and general health.

For some time now, the praxisHochschule has been looking into a holistic treatment approach for professional teeth cleaning which also caters to the fact that around 2/3 of all bacteria in the mouth can be found on the tongue.

The structure of the tongue can be compared to a deep-pile carpet. The bacteria settle in particular in the crypts (depressions) between the papillae.

The tongue forms a particularly complex ecosystem. Thanks to its large surface and the special papillae structure, it is able to retain food residue and host a diverse tongue flora, the tongue coating. There, organic substances are broken down by anaerobic gram-negative bacteria.

The main cause of halitosis is primarily the formation of volatile sulfur compounds (VSC) through the metabolic activity of the anaerobic bacteria. The rear third of the tongue in particular is affected.

Until now, we removed the tongue coating mechanically with the aid of rotating brushes, tongue brushes and scrapers. Chemical additives were then able to reduce the number of gram-negative bacteria. The use of a rotating brush which is attached to an angled section carries a large risk of injury to the papillae. Accessibility to the rear third of the tongue, where the largest amount of tongue coating is found, is also extremely restricted due to the height of the brush. Subsequently scraping the tongue coating from the tongue only removes the coating above the papillae.

An innovative technology now enables professional tongue sanitization through effective and gentle suctioning of the tongue coating.

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