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Not only for your employees a pleasure: The Tongue Sanitizer is your practice a distinctive benefit and your patients hygienic cleanliness. The TS1 Tongue Sanitizer is by its easy handling suitable for all prevention specialists: Simply attach to the saliva ejector and away you go. It needs no further introduction – view our training video!


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Step 1 (optional): Applying tongue cleaning gel to the tongue

1. Apply a small drop of tongue cleaning gel to the knobby side of the TS1 Tongue Vacuum Cleaner.

2. Fix the tongue carefully with some moist gauze and then spread the tongue cleaning gel evenly from the back to the top of the tongue.

Step 2 : Gently remove the tongue plaque

1. Turn over the TS1 Tongue Vacuum Cleaner and gently apply the side with the lamellae to the tongue. Gently move the TS1 backwards and forwards on the tongue from the tip to the back in order to raise up the tongue papillae.

2. Finally evenly vacuum the tongue to remove the tongue plaque.

Areas of application

The TS1 Tongue Vacuum Cleaner is an effective solution for professional deep­cleansing of the tongue in dental surgeries. The TS1 Tongue Vacuum Cleaner easily fits onto the saliva ejector of the treatment unit, thereby enabling the gentle and effective removal of bacterial tongue coatings.

Conduct the professional oral prophylaxis procedure as usual. For a really comprehen­sive result, use the TS1 Tongue Vacuum Cleaner to remove the tongue coating. This will eliminate the largest bacteria reservoir in the oral cavity. Additional time required: approx. one minute.

The TS1 is the ideal complement to every professional oral prophylaxis procedure, for Full Mouth Disinfection (FMD) and for specific treatment against halitosis.
The treatment can be enhanced by pre-treating the tongue with a tongue cleaning gel, which considerably increases the feeling of freshness experienced by the patient.

The single used TS1 fits to existing, standardized saliva ejector with removable cap ( 0 6.5 mm ; variable length typically 12.5 cm and 15 cm ).

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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