The TS1 Tongue Sanitizer  –
Totally Simple,
Totally Swift,
Total Sanitization.

Welcome to the future of tongue cleansing

TS now stands for Tongue Sanitization: The revolutionary TS1 simply fits onto the saliva ejector and gently and effectively removes bacterial tongue coatings in just one minute. Forget about surface scraping, unwieldy polishing brushes and lengthy disinfection. Welcome to the future of tongue cleansing – at every professional dental cleaning procedure.


Fit – Apply – Sanitize

Impressive results: For your patients and your surgery

The result of tongue sanitization with the TS1 is immediately visible. As with a freshly vacuumed deep pile carpet, you can see the sanitized area of the tongue after treating it with the slatted side of the TS1.

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The tongue is like the red carpet at the entrance: A clean carpet is the basis for a good oral and general health. The regular and thorough dental and tongue cleaning is therefore an essential part of our overall health. 

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Professional Oral Prophylaxis PLUS!

Professional Tongue Sanitization as an integral part of Professional Oral Prophylaxis.

A Chinese Proverb says
“The mouth is the entrance of the body and the cause for all suffering”…

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