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With the professional TS1 Tongue Sanitizer

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Totally clean with TS1.

TS1 Tongue Sanitizer professional solution for dental practice

Discover professional tongue cleaning with the TS1 Tongue Sanitizer in your dental practice! This effective tool effortlessly connects to the treatment unit’s saliva ejector. With its gentle yet thorough cleaning technology, the TS1 Tongue Sanitizer effectively removes bacterial plaque from the tongue, ensuring optimal oral hygiene.

Why do tongue cleaning in the dental office?

Quirynen M. et al. Characteristics of 2000 patients who visited a halitosis clinic. J Clin Periodontol 2009;36:970-975

Intraoral Reasons for Halitosis

Intraoral Reasons for Halitosis
Tongue Coating
43,4 %
Tongue Coating + Gingivitis/Periodontosis
18,2 %
7,4 %
3,8 %
Xerostomia (Dryness of the mouth)
2,5 %
Touth diseases (Caries … )
0,4 %
0,2 %
75,9 %

Why using the TS1 Tongue Sanitizer?

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The TS1 Tongue Vacuum Cleaner
Nub side for massaging in a cleansing gel, slat side for vacuuming

TS1 Tongue Sanitizer in practice

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More Information

Areas of application

The TS1 is the ideal complement to every professional oral prophylaxis procedure, for Full Mouth Disinfection (FMD) and for specific treatment against halitosis.

The treatment can be enhanced by pre-treating the tongue with a fresh gel, which considerably increases the feeling of freshness experienced by the patient.

Hygienic cleanliness

– only three simple steps away

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1. Fit

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2. Apply

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3. Sanitize

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Your patients

will love it

The tongue is like the red carpet at the entrance: A clean carpet is the basis for a good oral and general health. The regular and thorough dental and tongue cleaning is therefore an essential part of our overall health.
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