The TS1 now has a stylish handle – New handle for tongue sanitization at home

New handle for tongue sanitization at home

Today, the everyday work of a dental surgery would no longer be thinkable without the TS1 Tongue Sanitizer in the framework of professional teeth cleaning or a Full Mouth Disinfection. Suctioning of bacterial tongue coatings has established itself as an effective method. Effective immediately, the TS1 is now also available in the home care setting.

In a dental surgery, the TS1 Tongue Sanitizer can only be used as a disposable product. In tandem with the TS1 handle, though, it is the ideal complement for use in continuing tongue sanitization in the home – and at the same time an opportunity for sustainable use of the TS1.

Professional goes homecare

Patients report a long-lasting feeling of freshness and cleanliness following tongue sanitization with the TS1 Tongue Sanitizer in a surgery setting. This feeling can be ‘refreshed’ through use in the homecare setting.

After all, more than 60% of all bacteria in the mouth are located on the tongue, thus forming a dangerous reservoir for bacterial complications that affect the teeth and gums and can cause halitosis as well – each and every day.

Child’s play to use

1. Following treatment, the TS1 is simply removed from the saliva ejector

2. The TS1 is rinsed under running water

3. Then stick the TS1 on the TS1 handle until it clicks into place

4. And now the patient has a high-quality tongue sanitizer he or she can use at home – and you have an ideal customer-loyalty tool

Note: just like a toothbrush, the TS1 can be used for approx. 6-8 weeks before it should be disposed of for hygienic reasons.