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TS now stands for tongue sanitization:

The new TS1 tongue sanitizer

TS now stands for tongue sanitization. The new TS1 tongue sanitizer is revolutionizing the future of teeth and tongue cleaning.

Until now, the issue of tongue sanitization as part of the professional teeth cleaning procedure has been neglected in dental practices, having been labeled too tiresome, too complicated and too unpleasant for the patient. And this although more than 60% of bacteria in the oral cavity are found on the tongue, forming a dangerous reservoir for bacterial diseases at the teeth and gums as well as for halitosis.
But now a solution is in sight – exclusively available to dental practices: The TS1 tongue sanitizer simply fits onto the saliva ejector of the treatment unit and removes bacterial tongue coatings gently and effective in less than one minute. As such, the TS1 is the perfect complement to every professional teeth cleaning procedure – forming so-called “PZR plus” treatment. The TS1 is also ideal for use during full mouth disinfection and halitosis therapy. Responsible for approximately 57.3 percent of cases (according to Quirynen et al. 2009), tongue coatings play a leading role in the intra-oral causes of halitosis.

Extraordinary fresh sensation and gentle deep cleansing

Initial user studies clearly show that subsequent to “PZR plus” treatment, patients leave the practice motivated for household cleaning and with a pleasant feeling of freshness. Thanks to the compact design and the suction effect of the TS1, the patient’s retching reflex is not triggered – as opposed to with tongue-cleaning methods implemented with classic polishing brushes and pressure on the tongue base.

The new TS1 is a unique and effective aid for gentle and professional cleaning of the tongue right down to the tongue base. Thanks to the TS1, the tongue does not have to be scraped. The suction effect pulls the papillae upright and the biofilm is subsequently suctioned gently away at the papillae with no micro-traumas at all. Optionally, a gel can be used to pre-treat the tongue.

SIMPLE HANDLING – cleansing in just one minute

Thanks to its simple handling, the TS1 is ideal for all prophylaxis professionals: It simply fits onto the saliva ejector and is immediately ready for action. No further instructions are required.
Now you can also remove bacterial tongue coatings in just one minute – this is the new “PZR plus”.

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The TS1 is sold exclusively by white cross GmbH in Germany and Austria.
Available from September 2015.

Orders at http://ts1.whitecross-shop.de or via www.ts-1.com.


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